Patents and Certifications


DRONEProject is equipped with ENAC authorized machines to carry out critical specialized operations. We have different UAVs: a 9 Kg. MTOM (take off mass) UAV that allows us to fly with a 36 MegaPixel sensor camera; it can carry multiple payloads; we also have smaller UAV’s (1.6 kg total take off mass); they are small but they provide fantastic images at a resolution up to 4K. Lighter machines are indispensable for missions that require the highest quality in smaller spaces and for all missions at sea, where you take off and landing are accomplished aboard a boat.

The most recent entry into our fleet is a small total mass take-off of less than 300 gr. With this tool it is possible to work in dense urban areas more safely. And further it is bureaucratically “simpler” compared to what woud be required to pilot the heavier UAVs.

All Droneproject pilots are in full compliance with the ENAC regulations (theoretical fitness, practice and medical examination) and have obtained the appropriate certification according to Edition 2 of the “remote pilot aircraft regulations.”